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5 questions

Meme from Justin. He gave me five questions that I'm answering here. If you want to continue the meme just let me know and I'll ask you 5 questions of my own. Hope all is well folks. Be well and take care. =p

1. What is the best thing about Los Angeles? The worst?
The best thing about LA would either have to be the abundance of good food, or the consistently nice weather; it makes it way easier to go outside and play lacrosse whenever I feel like. The worst would probably have to be the loneliness on weekends; I'm still adjusting to a completely new life in a city where I don't really know anyone. Unfortunately our program is really small, meaning my opportunities to meet new people are pretty limited. I've made a few friends but no one I consistently chill with on weekends. I do sometimes chill with an old best friend from high school at least, but those are usually few and far between.

2. When did you become interested in psychology? Did RMTS play a role?
Hahahaha actually I think that RMTS psychology class is what really got me started down the path of psychology. I had a lot of fun with that class learning the different material and thought it intriguing. Interestingly enough I didn't really pursue any major psych study in high school (we had IB Psychology and I opted for chemistry) but I knew coming into college that psych was my field of interest. While RMTS introduced the subject to me, my real interest and devotion to the field developed when I realized that it was probably the area I was best suited for and had the best chance of me making a contribution back to society. I like working with/talking with people and the increased emphasis on a hypothetical-deductive model of research appealed to me, especially with the growth of the neuroscience fields. I find the studies fascinating and always enjoy learning more about the human mind and human behavior; we're such interesting creatures after all. =p

3. Who are bigger snobs - Yale or USC students?
Hahahaha I'd have to say USC. While Yale has its share of uppity kids who think they should be served everything on a silver platter, a lot of kids are really down to earth, humble, and chill. A lot of people I met were really laid back and most of us voiced the notion that we were an admissions mistake and somehow got into the school despite their rigorous system of admissions...that's like the underlying sentiment of a lot of Yalies, especially frosh. =p USC students are often very much like the second moniker for the school, "University of Spoiled Children." So many kids are spoiled and think they are the shit. Granted, not everyone is snobbish, but it seems like a greater proportion of kids are. It's not horrifically snobby but it just seems that there's a stronger element of snobbishness in the atmosphere.

4. Is there a book every person should be required to read in high school or college? What is it?
Most of the books I can think of are off the favorites list and don't really qualify as something very meaningful/important. Perhaps the only book that might be a good start is Ethics for a New Millenium by the Dalai Lama. I've enjoyed reading that book so far, and in today's world I feel like we need to work on the whole morality bit a little bit, be a little kinder to people and whatnot. I know it's not necessarily a brilliant text, but I can't think of another book that I'd require everyone to read. I haven't read Starship Troopers recently enough to comment on whether that would be an illuminating book to read.

5. What is a goal you are working toward?
Hahaha the major goal right now is acquiring my Ph.D...That's the goal immediate life goal in front of me. Aside from that I'm working on trying to get in a relationship with this girl back home but I'm not sure if it's being sensible or not. There's always the goal of improving my game in lacrosse so that's nothing spectacular or outstanding. The overarching goal I'm still working on and continue to pursue is helping out as many people as I can, however I can. That's the thing that's driving me to do most of the things I do, except for the few indulgences like the relationship attempt and lacrosse.
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