FireBrandt (Kean Bean ;p) (firebrandt) wrote,
FireBrandt (Kean Bean ;p)

Cross-post for your reading enjoyment ;p

Rules of the Game:

Tagged victim must come up w/ 10 different points of his/her "perfect lover."
Specify gender of target.
Tag 8 victims to join this game & leave a comment to notify of tag.
If tagged again, no need to post a 2nd time.
The Perfect One (Female): (not necessarily in order of importance)

1. Compassionate. I'd like someone who cares as much about others as they do for the people they love. To have a giving heart and a mind that seeks out ways to improve the lives of others would be great.

2. Understanding. I'm a crazy (or at least silly ;p) kid. Hopefully they will be cool with that, and accept me for all my dorkiness. Being able to put up with me can be a lot of work ;p. I like being a dork, it's fun. =p

3. Down to earth. I'd like someone i can chill with, randomly banter around with. Even if they are an amazing and accomplished person (which i hope), they'll be totally laid back and grounded.

4. Intelligent. I'd like someone who i can explore topics with, discussing any issues on our minds. They don't need to be brilliant or anything, but have at least some semblance of intellect. Then again honestly i don't care as much how smart they are but in a perfect world, my perfect lover would be intelligent.

5. Beautiful. This mainly comes down to a girl's smile. If you've got an amazing and wonderful smile that melts people's hearts, i'm done in for. Not necessarily hot, although i certainly wouldn't complain if they were, but classically beautiful. Like Kate Beckinsale. Damn.

6. Likes cheese. No i don't mean someone who has a fine appreciation for sharp cheddar...but someone who likes the guy being a sappy hopeless romantic type and is happy to have a gentleman treat her around and give her the respect she deserves.

7. Passionate. Someone who really cares about the things they do, whatever they are. It can be small things that really fire them up, but she should be a girl who is really into what she does and always does it 100%.

8. Fun/spontaneous. Someone who I can enjoy being around and has random fun ideas of what to do. Someone I could spend an afternoon with absolutely nothing planned and yet have it be a highly entertaining time. It might be a stargazing by the beach, or people watching at a park, but they should be fun to be around.

9. Likes children. I'm not saying i'm going to have a bunch. But i like gals who enjoy playing with little kids and find simple pleasure in being in the company of such innocence and unbridled happiness. Little kids are free of the burden of knowledge and as such, can enjoy almost anything. I'd hope that she would like that too.

10. Not be imaginary. =p
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