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Mad Updateage (and resolutions! =p)

Hey hey y'all, what's up? I figure that since i have a whole shitload of time to kill before i can get a hold of my friend, i'd update y'all on it has been a while after all. =p
At the moment right now, while i type this, i'm in Grand Central Station, waiting for my friend Kelly to give me a call and meet up with me so we can head back up together waiting for her to get finished with her shopping so i can meet up with her and the fam and grab an early dinner with them and then head back to Yale alone and just not do anything because i don't have a date to the Winter Ball anymore and i don't really know what else i want to do. Wonderful. =p Lol it seems like my luck with the ladies never runs out.

Anyways. Life of late has been a bit mediocre and rather disappointing. School has been pretty crappy recently as my two bio classes, Biological Mechanisms of Reaction to Injury (basically Pathology) and Reproductive Biology have been kicking my arse a lot. Both tests were pretty hardcore and ugly, so i dunno about how things are gonna work. i most definitely need to buckle down on these two classes else I get craptastically horrific grades. Repro i thought i did a lot better on, but apparently my grader thought otherwise...i might try arguing a few points but i'm not so sure there's much i really feel like arguing about. Rxn to Injury was an interesting test and easily could go either way depending on how the grader sees fit to interpret my hopefully things will go on my side for once. Chinese is a pain in the arse as usua with ridiculous amounts of work and not enough interesting fun, and well political psych is my Cred/D class that i might take for a grade if i do well on the midterm. We'll see.

My extracurricular life of late has been kicking up, with some activeness in all three ethnic clubs i'm involved in (though not on board for any anymore, thankfully). The Fellowship is finally progressing to a significant level as i'm getting more and more involved in things. Just this last Friday i got to be a control subject in an experiment using Transcranial Magnetic Stimultion to measure Cortical Silent Periods and whatnot...translated roughly to English, they use a big wand like magnet to stimulate parts of my brain so that my hand twitches while i hold a pressure gauge and see how long i can't squeeze the gauge for when my hand twitches. Pretty awesome shit, and i'm extremely eager to be a part of the experimentation now. Hopefully some good will come out of this too and i can get my name on the paper. Hopefully. I'm going through the stages of applying for ethnic counselor right now too, as I've been talking to people and getting some input on things. Also, I have my interview this Sunday so it'll be very interesting to see how it all goes. I feel that this is exactly the type of thing i'm suited for, and i absolutely love helping out others and really want this opportunity to be a resource for the incoming frosh, so I hope that I get would be so unbelieveably awesome. Along those lines of drama, i think that the Dean associated with the Fellowship is trying to hinder my application process, as he has his reservations about doing both. But seriously, it's complete bullshit as I have done so many things in prep for this, and for the eventuality of doing both the Fellowship and an ethnic counselorship that it's total bullshit he's trying to stop me. I've taken a ridiuclous amount of class every semester for a while all so that senior year I could take the mimimum credit requirement both semesters (3 credits/3 classes) and graduate perfectly fine. He doesn't understand how much i want this. So it's completely frustarting and complete bullshit that he's trying to stop me. Fuck that. Gahr.

Lax is a real joke at the moment, I haven't heard anything from our "captain" in forever. He actually hasn't even really sent out an email this year at all, except for one in the beginning of the year asking if we had our gear and that we might practice. Uh bullshit apparently. So i think i need to start getting on his case about things lest we don't have a schedule come spring and end up playing even less games than last year (3 =p). And that would be total bullshit. I really wanna play mitchell though again, and hopefully tear them apart this time from the attack/midfield instad of stuff them in close as the goalie. No word yet on if we have a goalie but i think we do with this frosh class so i should be clear to pursue what i really want to play. I haven't been able to get to the gym very much lately at all due to weather, illness, and busyness so it's been rather sad. I really really need to get back into shape again. On the other hand, i have been lifting somewhat regularly in my room at night so i've been trying to get some more bulk on and hoepfully come into the season with some good muscle. Sadness. =p

This semester overall has had its goods and its bads but so far it's been pretty quality. It's weird being 21 now as I've been partying it up somewhat. =p It feels odd and i'm kinda not a fan since this isn't necessarily a good thing for me, but at the same time i by no means am going overboard with it all.  So it's all good. I've discovered the wonders of pepsid AC in reducing "Asian Flush" so it's been very helpful in me going out and feeling comfortable. =p Other than that i really do feel oldness creeping into my bones. Sometimes i ache and feel sore and i really shouldn't. It's kinda bloody lame actually.

In other news I'm going to London again this Spring Break, but this time with a bigger crew (and different group too =p). I'll be heading out with James, Kawing, Liang, Flo, and Christine so by all means it should be an awesome trip. I'm really looking forward to it even though it's a chunk of change out of the pocket. the price was rather reasonable though so i guess not as much of a complaint out of me. Wotevs i guess. I guess we'll have to see how the Spring Break trip goes but i suspect that it'll be a little disappointing as usual. It seems as if my life has been kinda off lately, nothing close to perfect, close to standards. All disappointment and failure. Alright, sincei've held it off for so long i think i'm gonna make some resolutions. Not quite for the new year, but it works.

2005 New Years (almost) Resolutions
1. Kick arse in school.
I've been slacking of late, and i really need to get back on track. I don't care that it's freakin 2 bio courses, chinese, and psych. Most especially in the bio courses i need to do well so i will have to buckle down like mad.

2. Stop falling asleep in class. I really really need to stop this horrible habit. It's ruining my study abilities. I need to be on top of the ball here. Hopefully i can improve. It seems to vary but repro bio  is the worst class for me and i'm rarely awake for the entire thing. So let's hope i can change myself.

3.  Get major amounts of reseach done. This includes both for the fellowship and for my senior project. I want to get in heaps of time at the lab and at the clinic doing work and research so that i gain more experience. I want to really make significant progress on my fellowship work and get my senior project line up and most of the research done. Summer will be insane as i think i'm gonna try to 9-5 it at the lab hopefully running tests and getting work done. We'll see.

4. Get back into shape for lax. That means at least run 3x a week and lift 2x a week for the rest of the semester. I really wanna get back into shape and be able to dominate the fields and kick some major arse. So i definitely need to go running more and get back my fitness. And well lifting is key too so that hopefully i can develop the muscle i lost during the summer accident and gain some on top of that. Plus i wanna go tossing somewhat regularly, and i will definitely try to be out there as much as possible once the weather gets good enough outside. It's junior year so i really wanna buckle down and do some good for the team.

5. Score an average of 2 points per lax game. It may not seem like much but considering that i haven't played in forever, especially on the offensive side of the ball, it's a pretty ambitious goal. Hopefully i can break the 3ppg goal, but 2 seems more reasonable and attainable. I can't expect to be Mike Powell as soon as i step out onto the field.

6. Maintain significant involvement with the groups i'm in. Even though i'm not on board, i still want to make good contributions back to the clubs i'm involved with. CASA, ViSA and TAS all get my support and help. Hopefully with X i'll be able to set up more fun and enriching events. And we'll see how my other groups do. But i wanna keep into the thick of things. It's so easy as a 2nd semester junior (and eventually a senior... =\ ) to stay involved with all the clubs you used to be in, so i wanna stick with it.

7. Cook well and for others. This summer, since i'll be staying in New Haven, i wanna get to being a good cook. So regular practice (trying not to eat out except for maybe once a week?) is a must. Then hopefully once i hone my skills and get enough good recipes down, i can cook for my friends. Lol let's hope that the whole cooking skills thing is genetic. =p

8. Follow Hsuism like it's my JOB. So definite watching out for others, being supportive, doing every little bit i can to make the lives of ppl around me better and happier. Even if i don't get Ethnic Counselor, i'm still going to follow my life philosophy with all my heart and do my best. I want to make things better for others. i want ppl to be happy. I want to bring them relief as an ear to talk to, a voice to listen to, and a shoulder to cry on.

9. Get into a relationship and stick to my oath. I'm almost out of college. I'm getting old. I really need to take advantage of things and try to get into one freakin relationship. Seriously, this is so annoying and disheartening. But wotevs. I will hopefully find a wonderful, fun girl who i can have a quality relationship with. And follow my oath to the code i've established to the letter. The code being the Nice Guys Oath i've made, to treat whoever i get into a relationship with like a complete princess and make sure that every moment of time with me is wonderful, amazing, and fun, just like (hopefully) the girl i'm with. Hopefully. This is all contingent on me getting into a relationship of course. But s'all good.

And of course, the quasi-resolution list is still here cause it seems like i never make any headway in that area. Clearly not so good. =p

  • Stop overanalyzing things. I really need to stop this. It hurts so much more than helps.  
  • Stop worrying so bloody much about finding a girl. Always on my mind, yet never any progress...
  • Stop staying up so late every night. I gotta stop staying up till 4 or 5 almost every morning. Like now. =p
  • Get more muscles for lax. Better arm muscles as well as a strong core and legs. Hopefully i want to get up to 140, 150...i guess i got to up my protein intake and really lift like a beast. =p
  • Find a girl... =(. No comment necessary.
  • Stop disenchanting all the girls I meet. Always, for one reason or another, it doesn't work out. Mostly cause of me. Actually, all because of me. I really need to stop this.
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