FireBrandt (Kean Bean ;p) (firebrandt) wrote,
FireBrandt (Kean Bean ;p)

Random quotes... =p

LaCrosSe FiEnD (10:45:05 PM): lol i want the most kids out of the TAS/CASA fams
LaCrosSe FiEnD (10:45:10 PM): and now i want the most kids out of the ECs
LaCrosSe FiEnD (10:45:11 PM): lol
LaCrosSe FiEnD (10:45:17 PM): maybe this is a trend
LaCrosSe FiEnD (10:45:24 PM): lol i'd feel bad for my wife...
LaCrosSe FiEnD (10:45:27 PM): hahahaha
alislyn826 (10:45:28 PM): OMG
LaCrosSe FiEnD (10:45:32 PM): hahahahahaha
alislyn826 (10:45:33 PM): YOUR WIFE HAS BETTER BE A RABBIT

alislyn826 (10:46:55 PM): i'm gonna have lotsa kids :-)
alislyn826 (10:47:14 PM): other ppl's kids
alislyn826 (10:47:14 PM): haha
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now now Kean, don't be greedy. not when you have the most awesome TAS family behind you and backing you up and watching your every move. strive to be a good role model...

Don't be greedy? Lol i just want to be a good role model to as many people as possible, that's all... ;p...ish?
Granted though, i do have the most awesome TAS family EVER. Cooler than cool. Although last year's was pretty cool too. Hrmm... Uh oh, showdown between the two fams? =p
Hahahah watching my every move though? *raises an eyebrow* I dunno how I feel about that... ;p
I concur with my wise daughter. :)

Also, isn't your wife (one of them, at least) already a rabbit?!